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  • Zexiong Pan, Jianying Zhang, Lulu Guo, Hao Yang, Jianfeng Li*, and Chunming Cui*. Cyclic (Alkyl)(amino)carbene Lanthanide Amides: Synthesis, Structure, and Catalytic Selective Hydrosilylation of Alkenes. Inorg. Chem. 2021, 60, 17, 12696–12702 

  • Chaopeng Hu, Jianying Zhang, Hao Yang, Lulu Guo, and Chunming Cui*. Synthesis of Cationic Silaamidinate Germylenes and Stannylenes and the Catalytic Application for Hydroboration of Pyridines.Inorg. Chem. 2021, 60, 18, 14038–14046 


  • Wufeng Chen,Chunhui Jiang, Jianying Zhang, Jiaqi Xu, Lin Xu, Xiufang Xu, Jianfeng Li*, and Chunming Cui*.Rare-Earth-Catalyzed Selective 1,4-Hydrosilylation of Branched 1,3-Enynes Giving Tetrasubstituted Silylallenes. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 33, 12913–12918

  • Dezhao Zhu,Mengmeng Wang, Lulu Guo, Wei Shi*, Jianfeng Li, and Chunming Cui*.Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Rare-Earth Benzoborole Complexes. Organometallics 2021, 40, 15, 2394–239

  • Ke Lou, Qingyang Zhou, Qi Wang, Xingchao Fan, Xiufang Xu and Chunming Cui.CpFe(CO)2 anion-catalyzed highly efficient hydrosilylation of ketones and aldehydes. Dalton Trans., 2021,50, 11016-11020

  • Zexiong Pan, Dongjing Gao, Chunqi Zhang, Lulu Guo, Jianfeng Li, and Chunming Cui.Synthesis and Reactivity of N-heterocyclic Carbene Stabilized Lanthanide(II) Bis(amido) Complexes. Organometallics 2021, 40, 11, 1728–1734

  • Chaopeng Hu,Lulu Guo,Jianying Zhang and Chunming Cui.C-C Activation to BNB-Embedded Indenophenanthrence.Electronic Structure and Reactivity. Organometallics 2021.

  • Wufeng Chen, Xiaojuan Liu,Jiajun Kong,Jianfeng Li, Yaofeng Chen and Chunming Cui.Rare-Earth-Catalyzed Selective Synthesis of Linear Hydridopolycarbosilances and Their Functionalization. Macromolecules 2021,54,2,673-678.

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