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Chen Yang(陈仰)


Chen Yang(陈仰)

              2001.09-2005.06, BS in Chemistry, Nankai University

                   2005.09-2010.12, Ph.D in Organic Chemistry, Nankai University

                   2011.04-2012.08, Senior Chemist in Chengdu Di'ao Pharmaceutical Group

                   2012.09-2016.04, Associate Director of Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry in Chengdu HitGen Ltd.

                   2016.05-present, Associate Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, Sichuan Industrial Institute           

                   of Antibiotics, Chengdu University

                   E -mail:

                   Mobil: 13541309881


Nankai University,94 Weijin Road,Tianjin,China 300071